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dt,,PulseTimer is a super simple alternative timer app which vibrates on every fraction of a time. Very handy to keep an eye on fractions of a countdown, such for sunbathing, yoga or meditation, but also sports and games.

Core features:

  • Devide your time span up to 10 fractions.
  • Save up to 5 settings for repeating usage.
  • Use various color schemas and vibration schemas for better orientation.

Tipps and Tricks

Starting with v1.4 icons will appear at the vibration schema section instead of text and numbers. To access the vibraiton schemas settings tap on the gears icon.

  • Vibrate every segment and finish with 2, 3 and with 5 at the very end.

  • Vibrate every segment and finish with 2 and with 3 at the very end.

  • Vibrate every segment and finish with 2 at the very end.

  • Vibrate just once every segment, even at the end.

  • Don't vibrate every segment except the final one.

  • Vibrate as many times as the number of the section.

  • Don't vibrate at all.

CompatibilityVersa Lite™, Ionic™, Versa™, Versa 2™
Release Date2018-09-13
Last Update2020-07-13
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dt,,PulseTimer respects your privacy. None of your data is used at any time within or outside the app (besides the download itself of cause).

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