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Get dt,,TicTacToe a X's and O's variant for your Fitbit Versa™ for free and play against a friend at every place you want to!

Play dt,,TicTacToe at the bus station, or while standing in the queue waiting to pay your purchases or even if you're ready to skydive! Because your Fitbit® device is waterproof, you can play this easy game even under water!

dt,,TicTacToe is international, it's multilingual. It comes absolutely without a word, it's just pure graphics.

CompatibilityFitbit Versa™
Release Date2018-08-31
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dt,,TicTacToe respects your privacy. None of your data is used at any time within the game (besides the download itself of cause).

Choose your preference from one of these themes at any time in the game:

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